Take a short walk

Do not fall into the trap of completely abandoning routines simply because you are home. The office may have had a large kitchenette and humongous coffee maker, but that should not spell an abrupt end to taking effective breaks simply because The importance of walking has been documented by many creatives through the ages. You don’t need to walk miles for it to be effective. Take a 20-minute walk once or twice a day, especially when you’re feeling frazzled or indecisive. If you have got a smart watch connected to your phone, you may just continue to using it rather than dump it because you are home. You are actually still at work, only difference Is that you are working from home.

Seize the day

Many Yoga  and meditation teachers are offering free online sessions during this time. Take advantage and join an online session. Having a break in your schedule may help you manage your time wisely throughout the day.