Suppose you have a nanny; you should give clear instructions and clearly articulate the new normal. The entire family will struggle with the idea that dad or mum are home and we cannot have access to them. If you want to get a lot done without anxiety or stress, do the hardwork once and for all and give clear instructions to the nanny or guardian.

Having young children, means you to focus on their needs. But if you have an older child that can take on some extra responsibility, you can set them up with some very clear instructions as well and activities for help taking care of younger children or completing household chores.

You may want to work in the early morning or late evenings while your children are sleeping, especially when you need to focus on complex tasks. Here are some materials that could help click here.


Your children may need some extra love, affection, and attention during this time — even if a tantrum leaves everyone involved feeling exhausted or frustrated.

Your children are tapped into your emotions, as well as the overall energy of the world. They may have a difficult time adjusting to a new routine or feel overstimulated.

One solution is playing a calming music throughout your home to help stimulate feelings of relaxation.


Encourage your kids to entertain themselves, but help them manage their time wisely. Set up appropriate activities to keep them engaged. We have a few activities lined up for them here.

Children can also be overstimulated, so limit their screen time and allow for occasional boredom to arise. Be firm in your approach and set clear boundaries, expectations, and consequences.